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I love that there are random pictures of Mulder and Scully in the X-Files office.

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I have to read more Hemingway

Hemingway was one fucked up dude.

I have sent you a few photos of my Hawkeye cosplay photos over twitter (theta_doctor or Toki) and every time you have given me an excited response. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for that. I'm not exactly small and more than once I've been told I shouldn't cosplay because of my weight. Now when people feel the need to be shitlords I just think to myself, "The person who writes the comic likes my costume, who the fuck are you?" So, really, thank you.


Heyah Toki,

DL this, print it out, and keep it with you to do so as you please.


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richard cutting two eyeholes in his mask to go shoot the kkk is one of those things that will never not be funny to me


"He was modelled after a specific raccoon, and it’s this little guy named Oreo" X

Stuck with another terrible math professor. Wonderful.


my new illustration of Layne Staley (Alice in Chains)

I got bored so I made this.


The pieces of robin’s bday gift are coming together. I have two more things to do then it all will be complete.

damn you

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